Saturday, 19 May 2012

Awareness of Wholeness

Everyone we encounter is ourselves. It's just we lack the awareness to be aware of it. If we honour everyone as different expressions our self our perspective releases us from the chains of ego, opinion and judgement and it's easy to be love and kindness and infinite possibilities (the place of miracles). 

When we separate ourselves from each other we cut ourselves off from source/tao. It's all illusion that we are separate. We can choose to see the illusion and stay chained to our tiny, fearful egos, or we can expand our awareness and see our true nature - expansive, infinite creativity/love. 

Do unto others as we would have done to ourselves, takes on a whole new meaning. Illusion of separation is why people can be so cruel to each other.... we mistakenly believe it's someone else we are harming. There's not really such a thing as enlightened or unenlightened, it's really just a level of awareness of wholeness, nothing more.
Awareness of Wholeness = the answer to world peace & love and joy.  :) 

Easy to action, it can be put in to practice right now, with no training, studying, religious teaching, joining a group. We just make a decision and put it in to practice. Simples.  So are you in?  :)