Saturday, 19 May 2012

Awareness of Wholeness

Everyone we encounter is ourselves. It's just we lack the awareness to be aware of it. If we honour everyone as different expressions our self our perspective releases us from the chains of ego, opinion and judgement and it's easy to be love and kindness and infinite possibilities (the place of miracles). 

When we separate ourselves from each other we cut ourselves off from source/tao. It's all illusion that we are separate. We can choose to see the illusion and stay chained to our tiny, fearful egos, or we can expand our awareness and see our true nature - expansive, infinite creativity/love. 

Do unto others as we would have done to ourselves, takes on a whole new meaning. Illusion of separation is why people can be so cruel to each other.... we mistakenly believe it's someone else we are harming. There's not really such a thing as enlightened or unenlightened, it's really just a level of awareness of wholeness, nothing more.
Awareness of Wholeness = the answer to world peace & love and joy.  :) 

Easy to action, it can be put in to practice right now, with no training, studying, religious teaching, joining a group. We just make a decision and put it in to practice. Simples.  So are you in?  :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Star of David Astrological Planetary Transit

A friend just mentioned to me about there being a planetary Star of David Planetary Transit going on right now  and I just checked the charts: Wow! A lot going on! So as a keen Astrological Hobbyist I thought I'd share my own brief interpretation of the planetary energies:

Chart from and scrawled on by me
The Star of David (also known as The Seal of Solomon as it was 'given' to Solomon by Raphael the Archangel is a Hexagram - or in English; a six pointed star!) represents: "As above, so below" (on Earth as it is in Heaven). The upwards triangle represents Heaven and the downward facing triangle represents Earth. It also represents the Male & Female energies merging and can also represent Spirit into matter and matter into spirit. It is a very sacred and ancient symbol. NB Follow the links for further info.

This astrological  Star of David is made up of two interlocking Trines (Triangles) The Trine in astrology is a benevolent, helpful, harmonious energy. Yay! :D  
One Trine is made up of:
• Saturn (karma, austerity, strength, responsibility) (in balancing, harmonious Libra)
• Moon (emotions, dream/inner-life, Mother Earth, female, fertility/growth) (in versatile, sociable Gemini)
• Neptune (spirituality, visions, psychic abilities, imagination, intuition, mystery) and Chiron (the wounded healer - which I believe I read somewhere has only been here since times of Jesus, as it's an asteroid on a weird trajectory! (You may need to check that fact...) Chiron represents healing deep seated wounds, overcoming obstacles, healing others while self-healing, self-empowerment, wisdom, Compassion. More on the Wounded Healer here:  

Neptune is in Pisces, it's Ruler, so particularly strong Neptune and Pisces energies at work here. Both are connected with spirituality, intuition & psychic abilities. As you can see form the chart, most of the activity is in Pisces, so the Pisces energies are particularly prevalent in the chart with secondary activity in Aries and Taurus.

The other Trine is made up of:
• Jupiter (spirituality, expansion, growth, luck/good fortune, wealth) (in steady, sensual Taurus)
• Mars (Action Energy Drive Ego Warrior Dancer) (in sober, organised Virgo)
• Pluto (The transformer, subconscious, shifts in consciousness, the unseen, willpower, psychological, transformation, death/rebirth, sexuality) (in self-disciplined Capricorn)

Both Venus (self expression, love, artistry, creativity, harmony, beauty) and Jupiter (spirituality, expansion, growth, luck/good fortune, wealth)  are Sextile (helpful/self-expression/mind/activity) aspecting Neptune (spirituality, visions, psychic abilities, imagination, mystery).  Venus is also Sextile the Moon, which further strengthens the harmony between the Moon and Neptune/Chiron Trine.

The Squares (Challenges to overcome):
Uranus (freedom, reform, ideas, spontaneous, sudden, unusual, energy, nuclear, electronics) and Mercury (communication, thinking, technology, local travel, family/neighbours) and are both Square (challenging/ambition/difficulty/striving to overcome challenges - creating inner strength) the Moon (emotions, dream/inner-life, mother earth, female) and Pluto  (The transformer, subconscious/shifts in consciousness, the unseen, willpower, psychological, transformation, death/rebirth, sexuality)

The Oppositions ( Resolution of Conflicts / Partnerships /Working Together)
Saturn ((karma, austerity, strength, responsibility)  is in Opposition  (challenges or gifts/relationships/resolution of inner or outer conflicts) to Venus (self expression, love, artistry, creativity, harmony, beauty) and Jupiter (spirituality, expansion, growth, luck/good fortune, wealth)  

The Sun ( Self, potential, energy, expansion, creativity, confidence, enthusiasm) and Mars Opposition (The Sun ~ Mars Opposition usually represents a 'Battle of the Egos') with Chiron on the sun's side, maybe this interaction with Mars in the grown-up sign of Virgo and the Sun in compassionate gentle Pisces, gentleness and healing will triumph over the old wounds of Ego-mania? As mentioned earlier, Chiron is the wounded healer (healing deep seated wounds, overcoming obstacles, helping others by healing self, self-empowerment, wisdom, Compassion.)

Conjunctions signify a powerful, dynamic Energy exchange that intensifies the qualities of all the components involved.

Sun ~ Chiron ~ Neptune Conjunction
• Self, potential, energy, expansion, creativity, confidence, enthusiasm
• Healing deep seated wounds,  overcoming obstacles, helping others heal through our own healing,  self-empowerment, wisdom, Compassion.
• Spirituality, visions, psychic abilities, imagination, mystery, idealism.
These conjunctions all appear in beautiful, delicate Pisces, which is the sign of sensitivity, compassion, empathy, spirituality and idealism. Wow, what a heady, dynamic, spiritual mix! World changing, perhaps? 

Uranus ~ Mercury Conjunction
• Freedom, reform, ideas, spontaneous, sudden, unusual, energy, nuclear, electronics.
• Communication, thinking, technology, local travel, family/neighbours) 
This conjunction is in firery, dynamic Aries, the sign of willpower, energy, initiative and action.

Saturn Pluto Quintile.  
The Quintile for me is a special talent and often represents a spiritual ideal.  Like a Super Trine or Spiritual Trine. The Wiki definition is slightly different though!

Now if we mix all these energies together, it equals a pretty exciting time to be alive!

• What do these energies mean to you? 
• Have you noticed any of their effects?
• How do these planetary energies affect the planets in your own Natal Chart?  
• How can you tap into this energy for for highest evolution and wellbeing?

You can get a free look at your chart and the current aspects at the brilliant - see the extended chart selection and look for Natal Chart with Transits in the drop down menu.

Just about everything I learned about astrology is from my dear friend and teacher Lisa Tenzin-Dolma you can her out here check

You can read more about astrology in Lisa's great and informative book - "Take Control With Astrology" (part of the Teach Yourself range) and her amazing book "Understanding the Planetary Myths" which explores the Ancient Archetypes and Legends the planets get their names from and how they relate to modern astrology.  One of the best books I've ever read on Astrology!

Thanks for reading my blog.  Have a zingy 2012! :D


The AstroAspex (Aspects Finder Tool) I invented: 

A bigger view of the chart I made on yesterday:

Chart from and scrawled on by me